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eDuniya eRetail is focused on consumer electronics & FMCG's Wholesale/Trade and manufacturing, Our goal is to supply clients not only with a wide array of products quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively - but also to offer creative solutions to fill particular needs.


FMCG & Consumer electronics - Own brand's & Private label products wholesale sales, purchase & supply


Currently eDuniya's retail business is through B2C e-commerce portals, own website and in future we are looking to open B&M Shops.


Trading : mainly focused on popular private label accessories, consumer electronics, gadgets and other fast moving items.


Indian wholesale Distributor / Sole distributor of fast growing FMCG and electronics private brands and labels.


Channel Marketing Services Provider in India - with strong marketing and sales personalities for all types of product.


eDuniya is striving to become a successful "Make In India" partner for consumer electronics products

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